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screencaps of my personal Bboys and Tik Tok videos- for fun
Sunday BBoys Battle:

From this video

Sunday Tik Tok with Johnny

From this video


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Could he have BEEN any happier? I haven't seen a pic yet where didn't look like he was having the BEST time.

I don't think so. He was GLOWING. When I got the email and thought we might meet him- that's when I asked you again if there was ANY way you could come- even just for Saturday, remember? But you really could not so I let it go. :(((

Aww, it's all right, hon! I just wouldn't have felt comfortable with the timing of the trip. And I've benefited plenty from the meet up as it is! So many good videos and stories. I'm 100% pleased to know that he seems just as lovely as we all thought he'd be.

And rest assured, if there's a next time for him in the US I won't miss it for the world. Even if it's "just" to see him skate. ;)

PS- You looked LOVELY in the pictures. As did all of Stephane's American fans.

how is it possible that he out-sashayed JW? steph was just ebullient!


Cheesy disco moves are my favorite I think...

Do you want kill me?

I loooooove LTGTR

LOL I love the bits you chose to cap. XD

Excellent icon for the post. I have "Dynamite" and "Tik Tok" stuck in my head ;P



Did you skate today?

Hahahahaah I was listening to it right now xD

Not today, but tomorrow morning I have practice

My kids and I had dance party in the kitchen to Dynamite last night. It was fun! Good luck at practice. I want to come to Madrid one day!

BBoy BATTLE TOO? ^^ You were Steph or Johnny?

You SHOULD come to Madrid

Oh my heart.

How can seeing pics of these boys fill me with so much love?!

They were obviously having such a good time. And the choreo was perfect- pairing them up like that. David Wilson obviously knows what the fans want.

My love for David Wilson grows!

What I really hope is that people take NOTE of this and give us more of what I want. i.e. These beautiful men skating together on a regular basis.

In fact, I think the show had pretty much my dream cast. If only Marlie and Brian could have been there, it would've been perfect!

Oh. My. Gog. So fabulous!!
I love them!))))
And thank you for this video, i watched it round and round and round and round.... )))

I add you as a frieng, if you don't mind, ok? ;)

And i stole all pisc! ;)))

I added you back :D and I am happy we are friends now. That video has had about 23,000 views on YouTube!!

Thank you for adding, i'm happy too :))))

>>23,000 views on YouTube!
Oh yes, everiboby love these boys :))))

I like you userpic!))))))

Stephane looks absolutely happy!! I haven't seen a performance since he retired where he wasn't giving 150%.. He's really giving it all and it shows..

(Deleted comment)
I can't believe my video of Tik Tok has over 22,000 views. Obviously Johnny and Stephane's "The Party don't start till I walk in" part is very popular.

Glad you liked all our spam! It was truly a magical weekend amongst the skaters. It was so lovely to sit at a table with a group of people and talk about _skating- all the jokes and posts and members. It was like therapy. I loved our little group.

These screencaps are so fantastic - thank you for posting them! I will never get tired of looking at his happy glowing face and his ridic shenanigans with Johnny.

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