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25 Random Things Plus KOI Documentary gifs

1. I saw Star Wars in the movie theater.

2. I have a large scar on my chest from pouring a mug of hot coffee on myself when I was 1 year old.

3. I was in California when the 7.1 earthquake hit San Francisco at 5:04 pm in 1989.

4. I once went to a Grateful Dead concert and took ecstasy before the show.

5. My step sister is a TV director and used to work on Baywatch. She is still friends with David Hasselhoff (lol).

6. I am known for my friendliness and generosity.

7. Having my back scratched is my favorite thing ever.

8. My mother died of breast cancer at age 51.

9. I have lived in 8 different cities in my lifetime.

10. In the summer of 1989 I went to 42 Oakland A's baseball games. (Yes I get obsessive about things).

11. Cuddling my sleeping children in bed to wake them up is wonderful for me.

12. I cannot keep a secret, so don't tell me anything confidential.

13. I love the internet.

14. I love to take super hot baths.

15. I love cheesecake.

16. I have always liked my hair.

17. I had many, many boyfriends until I met my husband.

18. My husband is the only man I dated who I never got bored of.

19. I never want my home to be without a dog living there.

20. I love ontd_skating and lambiel_daily and twitter and AS and lambiel_ru and LIVEJOURNAL so much.

21. Three of my favorite odd movies are "Sirens" with Hugh Grant and Sam Neil, "Secretary" with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhall and "Donnie Darko" with Jake Gyllenhall.

22. I love my iPhone.

23. I have always loved vampire genre- True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Anne Rice, Laurell Hamilton, Twilight, etc.

24. I want to meet my livejournal friends IRL and bro around like I did in LA.

25. I am quite fond of Stéphane Lambiel figure skating.

by howell_jolly

by goldenbubble

Lipsticked Stéphane TYFYT

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My first concert were the Dead. Thanks, dad! :D

Northern California is their home turf. Hopefully he didn't give you drugs ;D. My BF was a pothead and he took me with his stoner friends. It was an amazing concert.

My parents took me to see them in Ventura when I was 2 (lol so obvs there were no drugs involved.)

I was having a great time dancing around and getting the attention of everyone in the vicinity when my mom decided it was time for me to have a nap and TOOK ME OUT OF THE CONCERT AND TO THE CAR. It pissed me and my dad off to no end (I miss the last couple of hours and gave my mom holy hell, which continued when my dad got back and during the drive home.)

My mom, the buzzkill. Story of my life.

Cute meme. And also, stephane and make-up application is my new happy thought.

Me too, ROFL. I want a userpic of Steph putting on the lipstick. I just have to figure out how to trim the gif....

OMG a 7.1 earthquake? I bet it was horrible. LMAO David Hasselhoff.
I'm sorry for your mum's death :( you were so young.

Cuddling my sleeping children in bed to wake them up is wonderful for me.
Are you for real?

I'm so glad you decided to post this, loooove it :D

Luckily my BBs are still small enough that they like me tucking them in to bed <3

Did you see sunfloweradrp's tweets? She has made it safely to the US from Japan to see Adam at Skate America. We had an actual conversation on Twitter!

No I didn't, is she on LJ?

I thought I saw she followed you on twitter, too. I asked and she lurks on _skating but does not post or comment.

I just checked and no, she doesn't follow you. Somehow I have 2 Japanese girls on my Twitter, both are going to Skate America, LOL. The other one is skwt_chiy and her twitter background is amazing Adam (check it out).

I also like vampire genre ;) and dogs!
too early to say about children tho, lol.

You seem like you love animals, at least I know you like horses a lot. You are so young that you don't need to think about children yet.

This gif is the best thing EVER!!! I LOLED so hard during the vid.
Your hair really always looks great on pics, I am JEALOUS!
And yes, cuddling with children is really one of the best feelings, I love it too.

There are quite a few gifs that people made and posted into the comments on ontd_skating. They are in the post with the 8 YouTube videos. I've watched the whole thing twice, it's so amazing.

Oh I forgot: I always wanted to have a dog for a long time... But I only had small birds and cuddly rabbits. At the moment we have no animals and it's OK. I would like to have one in the future. But my husband prefers cats... so we will see.

I've always wanted a cat, but a friendly one. Not the kind that hides and won't let you pet it. I don't know how to be sure it's friendly though. Rabbits,...awww, I would love one of those, too.

7. Having my back scratched is my favorite thing ever.
Are you even real? Awwwwww.

Vampire genre is great! I love True Blood (Alexander Skarsgard!), Twilight mostly makes me laugh ;)

Ha, I'm behind on True Blood epiodes, but they are "On Demand" through my cable company whenever I want to watch them. I have read all of Charlaine Harris's books. Maybe 6 years ago I read through everything she has ever written. The TV shows are so different, but I love them also.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! You are also one of those ontd_skating members who seems to always say kind things...or not say anything, lol.

Something about those 2 guys putting on their make-up together...and Stephane seeming to not want the camera there filming him...and Johnny with that huge make-up kit LOL ♥ ♥

(Deleted comment)
Having my back scratched is my favorite thing ever.
Me too! Maybe we were cats in a previous life. ^_^

Love the gifs! Zebraswan forever. <3

I loved this post! (I always love hearing more about people's lives, in addition to the squee.)

6. I am known for my friendliness and generosity.

I can totally see why. :)

24. I want to meet my livejournal friends IRL and bro around like I did in LA.

I wish life could be like that every weekend.

I always forget to check journals. I'm a bad LJfriend! You have some wonderful entries.

Just a bit of name-dropping, since you like the movie: I knew Mary Gaitskill, who wrote the short story "Secretary", from proofreading work and we hung out sometimes.

That's so neat, I actually got the book from the library and read the short story, which of course was not much like the movie. But I enjoyed it anyway. How funny!

I am sure Mr. Crossthefingers is a lucky man to be married to you. ^_^ How long you guys been together?

We met in college and have been married 12 years. He has been a really good sport lately about my going to skating shows and playing on the ontd_skating website. He's not a fan of the sport, though, but it's fine. <3

You can post the meme in your own journal if you like.

I LOVE vampires so much too! ♥________♥ Oh, but that you know... I'm fond of Stéphane. I think Stéphane should be a vampire, it would fit all my wildest dreams. Yeah.

Cheesecake, hot baths & internet ♥

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