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Johnny Weir - Welcome to My World book tour

I pick up yodante and morphine1x2x1 at 7:00am in Cambridge, and we drive to Framingham, Massachusetts for Johnny's book signing of his autobiography, Welcome to My World. It is bitterly cold out so the kind employees at Barnes and Noble invite everyone to wait inside the store even though it does not open for over an hour. There are only about 20 people in line so I guess we did not need to go so early, but we have fun talking skating and _skating.

This the display of Johnny's book right next to George W. Bush's biography, lol.

and this is me with my copy of the book:

Finally Johnny's bus pulls up and his crew sets up his autograph table, stool, and the Be Good Johnny Weir film crew (Butch and Gramz) get their cameras ready. Everyone in line is asked if they mind being filmed. Johnny walks in and gives a quick speech on a megaphone welcoming and thanking everybody. He introduces Tara and his "beauty bear" Eric who are with him.

Tara and Eric:

The line moves quickly and yodante takes a few pictures of Johnny signing the 4 books I had.

Johnny starts autographing books, but Tara cut in to show him Welcome to My World as a Nook Book (or whatever, an electronic book thing). It is very cute, with the cameras filming- Johnny seems to have no idea how it works and Tara wants to link the Nook to Johnny's website. Johnny says it's "terrifying" that the Nook can hook up to the internet (IDEK).

Johnny personalized everybody's book even though they had said he wouldn't. I tell him the first is for Marina Nastevych from Kiev, who has interviewed him in the past. Johnny looked up and said "Yes, I know her." The next book is for "Alek in the Phillipines", and the 3rd book is for "Claudia in Switzerland". At this point Johnny says "How do you know all of these fabulous people?" and I say we met on the internet and they all love him, so I offered to mail signed books to them.

I told him I already read the book and really liked it. We thank each other, and Johnny is so tiny and sweet and flawless. morphine1x2x1 calls Tara over and thanks her for being so nice when they met in LA for All That Skate. Tara was very friendly and answered a few of our questions.

Morphine: Have you read Johnny's book?
Tara: I've read many versions of the book, but I haven't read the final copy cover to cover.

Me: Do you think Johnny may write another book? He must have so many stories.
Tara: (Nods) Yes, he could write an entire book about this year alone.

Me: Is there any chance All That Skate will come to the US again this year?
Tara: (Shakes her head) I don't know.

Yodante (I think) asks her something and Tara says that she and Johnny are working to put together an ice skating show for here (MASSACHUSETTS!) for this May. That would be FABULOUS. Then Tara says she has to use the ladies room and thanks us again for coming.

After all of his books are signed Johnny waves goodbye and gets on his fabulous bus. The WTMW bus is so glamourous that I laugh for 5 minutes then take a bunch of pictures.


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^I and my friend who went to the signing with me have basically been repeating different syntaxes of this conversation over and over the past day

You DO know so many fabulous people from all over! It's awesome!

I heard the signing you went to was great and that you got to take pictures with Johnny and ask him questions. :DD. I didn't want to say I knew the fabulous people because of a Stephane fansite (lol).

It was awesome; my profile picture on Facebook rn is from the signing! I was one of the five people who got to ask him a question (ATS seriously taught me that being bold can have excellent results): i asked him how he always manages to answer interviewers' questions earnestly, like he hasn't heard them a million times before. He answered that he tries to have fun with his answers, and although that gets him in trouble sometimes, he gets bored during interviews and having three thousand different answers for a question is more for his benefit than anyone else's. <3

Hahahaha, i'm sure he wouldn't have been too upset since it's Stephane and not some "hulking, classless idiot." I see where you're coming from, though!

♥♥♥ so cute and sweet! I love his sweater!

thank YOU for sharing! ;D

His sweater was sparkly and cozy and one of the few things he owns that make me say "I would totally wear that."

AHHH this looks wonderful. So sad I couldn't be there, but I'm glad you guys had fun! And awww, Johnny being baffled by the Nook is so so cute. <3

Tara says that she and Johnny are working to put together an ice skating show for here (MASSACHUSETTS!) for this May.

Morphine and I were flailing at the idea of a Johnny skating show up here while you both would still be local. I really hope she was serious. We missed you but had a few laughs at your expense when another friend of your showed up with a book "for you" to be signed.

Haha yeah, I heard you guys ran into our friends! The Asian girl and the girl with the super curly hair are two of my really good friends - they're the ones that I kept sending annoying "OMG I JUST MET ______" texts to the entire time we were in LA, haha. And yeah, I sort of put out a general call for any of my friends who could possibly go to a signing to get a book signed for me, and this ended up being way more successful than anticipated, lol.

And oh my goodness, if she was serious, that would be the BEST THING EVER.

Yes, I recognized your friend with the curly hair from Riverdance on Ice. Everyone in line watched as Morphine hugged them all :D

You're so sweet to get books signed for people who couldn't be there.

Why is he so presh?? I love how he continues to be baffled by technology.

Actually I made this video public and someone commented on it that Johnny HAS a nook. If that is true then they acted all that out for the BGJW cameras xD!

Or he has one and truly has no idea how to use it. XD

I just about died when he asked if you could call people with it.

Because when you are reading an electronic book you usually need to make a phone



I'm sorry you can't go to his signing :(. It was really cool though when you got his book like 5 days before everyone else!

(Deleted comment)
You're so welcome :D ♥ I am so glad I made the effort to go. Just watching his roadies and support people was entertaining. He got such star treatment being escorted to and from his bus while the other guys fetched coffees from Starbucks.

HOW IS HE SO ADORABLE?! I can't even. Thanks for sharing the pictures and videos. :)

You are welcome. He was precious and charming.

omg!! I had no idea you were even going to this. I'm so glad you got to go and meet him! This is the most adorable little write-up ever. :D :D Haha thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through you, as it turns out I won't be able to go to the signing here after all!

I'm so glad you had such a great time :D

Oh no, I thought you were going :(. Well, it was much less interaction that our Marriott lobby encounter of course and I mostly went to show support for him and the book. It was worth it just to see that bus and the whole entourage!

Yeah, I thought I was too, but my mom doesn't want to. It's far and they're handing out wristbands at 9 in the morning... it wouldn't work. :( But I think we might be going to the taping for George Lopez, so that's better than no Johnny at all! :)

I bet it was. :) I'm glad you went!

So amazing! Do you think all of you will be on "Be Good Johnny Weir"? You are all intrepid reporters interviewing Tara. Loving the bus so much!!! Going to the signing tonight and hoping to get a picture with it, it's simply fabulous <3

Yay, I wondered if you would get to a signing. Does that mean you can't watchpost Skate for the Heart then today? I hope you will journal about your signing.

Beachwood is on the other side of town so I'll be missing the watchpost, but keep an eye out for our Johnny sign in the broadcast ^_~ I'll miss watching it with all of you!

Yes, I will look for the sign! Bring him flowers or something- the cameras have been at all his signings. :).

I'll be forever grateful for the book, thank you once again!)))
And it's so sweet he said he remembers me! Maybe he really does. Why don't they invite him to AOI I wonder? Should ask Oliver about that)

I really miss Johnny and hope to see him somewhere live this year.

Can't wait to get and read the book! Spasiibo! What would we do without you ;))

He would definitely fit in at AOI. Maybe they just invite the same skaters each year and are booked up? Worth finding out, yes. Say Hi to Marc from me if you get the chance :D

And you're welcome, it's no problem to mail it. I have something else also to send you (small surprise) :DD


The bus pictures in particular made me laugh and laugh.

I also realised that when the next season of BGJW airs, there will probably be an awful lot of _skaters appearing in the background on the show. ;)

I'm so glad you got to go see him!

I hope so! I wonder if the crew did any filming at Kings on Ice...probably NOT in their budget to travel to Russia, but wouldn't that have been fantastic.

Thank you for posting this so much! :)))
So amazing to read and watch it!

It's like i was there too :)

It was over so quickly, but I was happy to be able to show support for Johnny by being there and buying his book. It was fun.



Confession: His book needed more Stephane ;P


DO NOT BELONG TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad you, yodante, and morphine had a fun time in the signing and didn't act all loser-ish unlike me! XD And doesn't Tara have an interesting chest area? Yeah I felt tiny around her; she looked like a she-male.

Tara was DECKED OUT in these stilleto heeled boots, lots of makeup and big hair. But she was very friendly and chatty, plus has an amazing chest- and I liked her.

You got much better pictures than me! I need a really good camera with a telephoto. (going on my wish list!)

What a great report! You're awesome for getting the books autographed for others! :)

The bus is something else. Seeing the faces of some casual shoppers walking to Borders in Cleveland last night and spotting the bus outside was priceless!

How is he so sweet?

OMG how did I not see this earlier??? You got him to sign "my" book toooo OMG!!! I am so happy, thank you so much for this! Oh I can't wait to read it!
You are so gorgeous in the pic holding his book, I love your hair!
I also love Johnnys style, just pure and natural, not the sparkly diva style. He looks so much better this way!
Oh yes, having Johnny at AOI would make it the real best show ever!
But well, no reason to be sad, we will have an amazing cast anyway!

Yes, that's him signing your book in the video, then mine last, plus do you see my fancy purple scarf when I turn with the books at the end?

I mailed it today, so you should have some good reading in a week :D thanks for the compliments on my hair, lol.

Thank you sooooooooo much, can't wait!!! Ohhhhhhh wow your scarf is really superdupercool...where did you get it from??? hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL! I am happy that you like it, and well I nearly kept it for myself because I loved it too.

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