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Summer Ends
I had so much fun flying to Washington DC for my crazy cousin's wedding. I got to ride the Washington DC metro and bro around with my sister in our hotel room. At the wedding my cousin and his new wife danced the first dance as bride and groom to "I'm Too Sexy", and their cake topper was a bride straddling her groom :D.

They also had a "vodka luge" which was a huge ice sculpture with tunnels running through it. You pour vodka into a hole and the top and the vodka "luges" down the ice slide and comes out at the bottom into your shot glass. It was DELISH!

I took a picture of myself to twitpic, but forgot to so I'll put it here.

I asked my husband if he would fly me to L.A. to see All That Skate, never expecting that I would actually go. We ended up making a trade and I bought my tickets before he could change his mind. I AM EXCITE! I am busy planning for the trip, and I am excited to meet some of the girls from _skating. My husband disapproves since I don't "know" them IRL and he suspects they might be dangerous. :O This is my message:

This picture from the Artistry on Ice press conference absolutely cracks me up. He looks so tired, yet he gives the question his full attention.

And this picture makes me say "Awwww" ♥ I love the make-up on them.

but that room is a disaster and those black and gold costumes are so FUGLY I can't even.

JFC, how did this turn into a Zebra picspam? ENOUGH! Good night.

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You look beautiful! and the wedding looks like it was fun~

and awww your husband all worried about you! <3
And regarding ATS LA...

and I'm still like *D* at that last photo, rofl

There is nothing in that last photo I do not like, (except maybe those costumes on the rack). It's not because I'm a zebraswan shipper because I don't read the fiction or imagine them together. I'm just really, really fond of both of them and it's truely an amazing picture. Their FAAAAAACES!

I'm not rly like ~serious~ about "shipping" real people, but they both look rly pretty and heppi 8D

I approve every kind of zebra picspam :P

That wedding looks amazingly fun and you look so great!

Thanks, the wedding was a blast. I don't see my family very often as we are scattered around the country, but when I do we have a wonderful time together. My big sister and I are only 2 years apart and we have always been close. We shared a hotel room and just talked and talked about everything and shared a lot of laughs.

I'm thinking of making a Zebra picspam for _skating since there has not been one in a while, just a mix of various pictures. I'm in heaven now that my BBs are gone all day at school I can do projects around the house and also on my computer. I'd like to make another quiz post with SMOI and AOI pictures. There seems to be so many less active members on _skating though these days.

The season hasn't started yet, I'm sure _skating will be a lovely mess then :P

I'd love that picspam

You know that you'll have to take LOTS of photos, right? ;)
And lol, that macro :DDD

Also, I'm not opposed to entries turning into Zebra picspams ;)

I will take pictures whenever possible! My Sunday seat is front row so that is probably my best chance to sneak photos and videos. I'm hoping for a meet and greet, but if there isn't one I'll just stalk him at Starbucks. I'm dead serious - I already bought a couple Starbucks gift cards to give him as bait to get him to the Starbucks next to the Staples Center.

ALL THAT SKATE!!!!!!!!!!!



That wedding had to be awesome xD

The wedding was hilarious in my opinion because it was a traditional Jewish wedding except with a full, "open bar" (free drinks) from before the ceremony until the end of the dancing. I have never been to a wedding where you get a mixed drink and can TAKE IT in to the ceremony with you. IDK, my cousin loves to party.

I can't believe I am going to ATS. It's all I can think of!!!

WHAT. That caketopper is amazing! And you look very beautiful! ^_^

Have fun at All That Skate. Hope you at least get to snag Kwan to carry a _skating sign. XD

Thanks! The bride and groom had a lot of humorous things included in their wedding.

IDK if I have the guts to ask Michelle to hold am_skating sign, but I plan to make one before going to LA. I saw that NBC will televise the show on Oct 10. I wonder if the Q&A with Michelle and Yuna will also be televised- that happens at the rehearsal Saturday.

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