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screencaps of my personal Bboys and Tik Tok videos- for fun
Sunday BBoys Battle:

From this video

Sunday Tik Tok with Johnny

From this video


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I don't think so. He was GLOWING. When I got the email and thought we might meet him- that's when I asked you again if there was ANY way you could come- even just for Saturday, remember? But you really could not so I let it go. :(((

Aww, it's all right, hon! I just wouldn't have felt comfortable with the timing of the trip. And I've benefited plenty from the meet up as it is! So many good videos and stories. I'm 100% pleased to know that he seems just as lovely as we all thought he'd be.

And rest assured, if there's a next time for him in the US I won't miss it for the world. Even if it's "just" to see him skate. ;)

PS- You looked LOVELY in the pictures. As did all of Stephane's American fans.

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