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photos and She's So Lovely screencaps
It seems no one posted pictres on _skating from the shows, so I collected some that I liked.


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Amazing pictures! I haven't even seen half of these so thank you!!

His little face peeking out in the first picture just kills me. And the last one from She's So Lovely...it just doesn't get better than that. David Wilson is my hero.

I did not even notice his face until just now. Oh...::hearts::

Just gorgeous!!! Especially the caps from "She's so lovely" (I assume you took those, since they are new to me?)

How can he be so gorgeous?!

I capped from a_nice_reminder's hilarious HD video. I've watched it like 5 times because her "woo"s are hilarious. You have to watch it if you haven't (from her atsla comm post).

Oh yes, that video is BRILLIANT!

also I just realised I need a Stephane icon.

Stephane's giant pantomiming during the ladies' group number just cracked me up. Everyone on into the rafters must have been able to see his expressions.

Amazing pics! Stephane looks awesome. *____* (And I still hate that new Poker Face costume.)

BTW, could you maybe put the pics behind a cut? Thanks in advance, bb. :)

Oops, I totally forgot to put in the cut. Why did no one else tell me?!

I like the old PF costume better, but under the lights you can see there are lots of sparkles in the black costume fabric. Also those stripes down the backs of his legs are...intriguing. He was very sweet to our group when we saw him in the lobby.

These pics are great!! Stef looks perfect!!

And poor Johnny, I like the old PF costume best :(

I added you as a friend bb, I hope you don't mind...

Oh, I'm so happy to have you as a friend. I added you back ♥. I've nearly added you in the past a few times but got shy.

Why so shy? Do I come off as unfriendly or distant?? Is my profile scaring potential friends away?? lol.

I almost added you a couple times but also got shy :)


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