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Mailing address for Stéphane + bonus KOI documentary screencaps
So my friends mallornleaf and martydressler asked me to email Stephane's agent, Marc Lindegger, and ask for a good address to mail letters or presents.

This is what I wrote:

Dear Marc,

Greetings from the United States. I hope you are well and prepared for the holidays.

Some members of my Lambiel fangroup asked me to contact you for a mailing address for Stéphane. Could you please tell me if the address on his official website is a current mailing address for letters or special packages from his fans? The address is :

Fan's Club Stéphane Lambiel
Case postale 85
CH - 1907 Saxon

If the above address is not OK, could you please suggest a different one?
Thank you for your time and attention once again.


P.S. The 2011 Art on Ice cast is unbelievable. Lucky Swiss skating fans!


Hi Marni

All fine, but holidays – forget it... We’re very, very busy preparing Art on Ice, so I hope to have at least off at Christmas…

Stéphs address is okay.

Have a good time


I just thought I would pass this on :DDD

In other news, on twitter someone linked to an anonymous, mysterious, unfriendly figure skating forum called lol skating which I briefly looked at. The only thing of interest to me were some really huge screencaps from the KOI documentary. Obviously whoever made them enjoys the Stephane/Johnny friendship.



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Thank God Christmas time is coming, then Stéph can eat a lot of cookies and good food to get a bit more flesh on his bones! Poor BB is looking so unhealthy...
I wonder if this fan club is still active because I thought it isn't anymore. But maybe they just kept their post box address.
I also thought of preparing something for the case I could catch Stéph at the Euros in Berne.

I googled "Case Postale" and it seems to be a post office box, so perhaps Stephane kept the box for mail even if the fan club is not still active? I don't know, but I would hope Marc would not simply say "It's okay" without checking or knowing for certain.

I think it would be lovely if you had something to bring to Euros, even if it is simply a card or flowers or homemade cookies. If you meet him then it would be wonderful, and if you do not see him in person you can mail him the card or eat the cookies. :)

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