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Mailing address for Stéphane + bonus KOI documentary screencaps
So my friends mallornleaf and martydressler asked me to email Stephane's agent, Marc Lindegger, and ask for a good address to mail letters or presents.

This is what I wrote:

Dear Marc,

Greetings from the United States. I hope you are well and prepared for the holidays.

Some members of my Lambiel fangroup asked me to contact you for a mailing address for Stéphane. Could you please tell me if the address on his official website is a current mailing address for letters or special packages from his fans? The address is :

Fan's Club Stéphane Lambiel
Case postale 85
CH - 1907 Saxon

If the above address is not OK, could you please suggest a different one?
Thank you for your time and attention once again.


P.S. The 2011 Art on Ice cast is unbelievable. Lucky Swiss skating fans!


Hi Marni

All fine, but holidays – forget it... We’re very, very busy preparing Art on Ice, so I hope to have at least off at Christmas…

Stéphs address is okay.

Have a good time


I just thought I would pass this on :DDD

In other news, on twitter someone linked to an anonymous, mysterious, unfriendly figure skating forum called lol skating which I briefly looked at. The only thing of interest to me were some really huge screencaps from the KOI documentary. Obviously whoever made them enjoys the Stephane/Johnny friendship.



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I really hope the Moscow show will be broadcast. I was so disappointed whey they canceled it. The documentary was fabulous though, A+ scene at breakfast.

I didn't mail cards to either Stephane or Marc. I guess it's not too late...

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