Summer Ends
I had so much fun flying to Washington DC for my crazy cousin's wedding. I got to ride the Washington DC metro and bro around with my sister in our hotel room. At the wedding my cousin and his new wife danced the first dance as bride and groom to "I'm Too Sexy", and their cake topper was a bride straddling her groom :D.
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what's new?
My family spent a week at the beach on Long Island, enjoying farm stand vegetables, ocean creatures and even a trip to the local Aquarium. I would like a pet sea otter, thank you very much.

We saw Despicable Me at a theater in the Hamptons (did not see Evan!) and I laughed until tears ran down my cheeks at parts.

My favorite thing about the beach house is the outdoor shower. Having the hot sun beat down on you while taking a shower is delightful. Until a bee tries repeatedly to land on you. Here is me in the car on the way to the aquarium:

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my favorite things this week
What a fun week it has been. Days at the beach and late nights with friends. Also, there have been some wonderful things on _skating.

I adore my friend mirror_hands and she photoshopped a picture of Adam Rippon on a Hawaiian beach at sunset for me. ALOOOOOOO-HA!

Swiss skater Sarah Meier, who I always thought of as a sweet, doll-like little skater had an amazing photoshoot for Nike. I give Sarah an A+ for doing this and making it look elegant.

My wonderful friend hesmagic sent me 5 bars of chocolate from Switzerland, along with a DVD of Art on Ice and Préliminaires that she recorded from her TV. Thank you for the amazing gifts! ♥ ♥ ♥

This morning I watched the live stream of All That Skate, Yuna Kim's skating show in Korea. It was amazing to watch Jeremy's new SP, Michelle Kwan skating with Yuna, John Zimmerman looking so good, but of course Stéphane's perfect Tell performance and Let The Good Times Roll were my absolute favorites.

If anyone is reading this let me know if you had anything fun happen this week, OK? And I leave you with this AMAZING picture, LMAO:

Prince Charming In Real Life

Eclipse and better than sex post
I loved all of the Twilight books, and I went to see Eclipse tonight with some friends- it was very enjoyable. I think New Moon is my favorite of the 3 movies so far, as Chris Weitz's directing is wonderful (see Golden Compass). I have not read many articles on the movie release, but I find it so humorous that Kristin Stewart takes a backseat to the 2 male leads of the movie. She's simply not the big draw here, LOL.

I'm not a super-Twihard fan, but if forced to pick I'd probably be Team Jacob. I still see that cute Shark Boy in him. The movie seriously needed more Alice and more Jacob. My favorite line was when Jacob, in the tent, says to Edward "Let's face it, I'm hotter than you."

There are a few physical experiences that I rate as enjoyable as sex:

1) When you are really really cold and you first sink into a hot bath where the water is so hot you can barely stand it. Then you feel the hot seeping slowly into your body and every muscle relaxes. Having a cocktail in one hand is simply icing on the cake here.

2) Occasionally my spinning exercise class, taught by the handsome physical trainer, Michael, will give me such a good physical workout that I am shaking at the end of the hour. We're on the exercise bikes and Michael is blasting his rock music and shouting motivational words at us, then the endorphins hit and I break out in goosebumps. I told Michael his class was nearly as good as sex and he asked if he could quote me in the YMCA catalogue.

3) A head/neck/scalp/back massage is blissful, no matter who gives it. To fall asleep with someone stroking your's lovely.

If any of my friends are reading this, I'd love to know what your favorite physical experiences are.

New home thoughts
The first day in my new house was a whirlwind of unpacking boxes, figuring out light switches and meeting neighbors. I met two very friendly women on my street and to my delight one has a new Labrador retriever PUPPY. Being a dog lover, I felt this was a good omen.

Less encouraging was the news that the family who sold us the house moved because they are divorcing. My neighbors said the husband came home from work one day and told his wife he didn't want to be married to her anymore. I realize divorce is very common but I was surprised and sad. The woman had left me the sweetest letter saying how she hoped we would have many happy years in the house, and that she had loved it. I guess her husband felt differently.

There is a small pond next to our house that is FULL of enormous bull frogs the size of tennis balls and these huge golf ball-sized tadpoles. Even with the windows shut I can hear the frogs making startlingly loud noises. My dog of course went right into the pond, causing about 50 frogs to immediately launch themselves into the air, which scared the shit out of my dog!
The college aged movers were very cool. They worked really hard but cracked endless jokes and did funny stuff like writing "baffroom" and "basemint" on the boxes. I was astounded by their ability to carry heavy objects like my piano. IDK what they get paid, but it's not enough. We bought them lunch and gave them big tips.

Because I now have extreme puppy lust, here is a picture of me and my Dad's dog, an Aussie shephard. He's sweet and adorabe, plus he "herds" his humans when we take him for walks".

where have you lived?
My family has exactly one week left in this house before we move to a new home. I love my little red New England Cape house so much and I'm sad to leave it.

Here are the towns where I lived before this red house:

La Jolla, California - born to age 7
Dayton, Ohio - ages 7 - 10
Scottsdale, Arizona - ages 10 - 15
Palos Verdes, California - ages 15 - 17 plus when home from college
Berkeley, California at UC Berkeley - ages 17 - 21
Ann Arbor, Michigan at U of M - ages 21 - 25

Remembering past homes makes me ask anyone reading this:
Where have you lived? What was your favorite town? Where would you like to live?

I would love to live in Ireland for a few years. I visited twice and fell in love with the people, the scenery and the Guinness. Here's a picture of me and the cows in Ireland.

Have some Medalists on Ice doing crazy wtf moves before leaving, OK?

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blow jobs and air conditioners
Thanks to a friending meme I actually have a few LJ friends, which feels to me like receiving wrapped gifts and now I get to slowly peel off the paper and catch a glimpse at the treasure inside. Hey new friends! My name is Marni, by the way.

It was hot and steamy last week in Boston and I begged my husband to set up the air conditioners. All week I asked and I'm sure he intended to do it, but he procrastinated since we're moving in 18 days and he will just have to remove them. Finally on Saturday I was hot and sweaty from running and it was still HOT in the house as I entered, so I slammed the door shut and yelled "WHO DO I HAVE TO BLOW AROUND HERE TO GET SOME FUCKING AIR CONDITIONING??!!" Of course I could not have seen that some neighbors were over, looking like :O :O :O, but my husband calmly raised his hand and said "That would be ME." I have no filter.

The Medalist on Ice videos from Korea did not disappoint. The scavenger hunt posts had me ROFL multiple times.

The cartwheel in Let The Good Times Roll is fierce.

This makes me laugh over and over and over. Oh, Stéphane!

Later, Bros!

An act of stupidity
So I tried to back my car out of the garage with the tailgate up.  I had forgotten it was up and did not notice.  The rear windshield pushed against the handle of the open garage door with just enough pressure to shatter the rear windshield.

Hearing the "CRACK" and seeing the waterfall of broken glass falling to the ground, my children were like:

When I told my husband that I exploded the rear windshield of the minivan, he was like:

It was not a pleasant day. 


you would never believe I kept diaries growing up from age 10 - 22

And yet I have nothing in my journal because I joined LiveJournal for _skating.  I had never heard of LiveJournal or Tumblr or Photobucket, a gif or a macro.  I had to look up internet slang like HBIC, MTE, FML, FAP and FTW.  But...I soaked it all up and I love to post and comment. 

This is my dog, the most wonderful black lab ever, named Guinness.  I love dogs, friends, books, humor, vampire fiction, Foo Fighters, live shows of any kind, watching figure skating, and going to the movies. 

Here is my favorite macro of Stéphane, but I can't remember which awesome _skating person made it:


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